Join us for a sweater crochet along.

If you've tried sweaters before and...

Couldn't Find Time For an In-Person Class | Each project has a video tutorial you can pause & rewind. Done on your time!

Found it Hard to Customize | Everyone has their own unique shape! Let me show you how to measure and add increases/decreases to customize.

Wanted to Crochet on the Go | You can access the course anywhere with the internet. And ALSO download and print the patterns to take with you.

Found it Difficult to Organize | Unlimited Course & PDF Download access, plus replayable videos, means no rush. And I give you a Project Planner to help!

...then the VIP Experience is for you!

Are you ready for the ultimate sweater crochet along of the season?

Crochet the perfect sweater with gorgeous sleeves with knit-look stitches. The Lace Sleeve Crochet Sweater is part of the crochet along event! Keep reading to see how to join.

Want the VIP Experience with a Bonus Pattern?

Discover the art of creating crochet stitches that look knit! The Enchanted Poncho will be your favorite layer this season.

The Best Way To Learn These Magical Stitches?

This course is way better than buying a book that will sit on a shelf because it includes:

Written Instructions

Video Tutorials

Unique Crochet Charts

Community Support

You Have All The Time In The World - Unlimited Access!

Plus Bonus Guides!

Ready To Join The Sweater Event?

VIP Experience Includes:

Immediate Access To:

Crochet Along Schedule & Materials List - Get planning!

Need to Know Details - All the information is organized in one place with links to blog posts.

All About Yarn Guide - Learn about yarn choices & fibers.

BONUS Enchanted Crochet Poncho - PDF Pattern + Video! 

Measurement Guide - Understand how to measure your body and pick the correct pattern size.

Project Planner - Print and stay organized as you craft your sweater.

We forget over 70% of what is taught in training sessions. Get Unlimited Access.

This Course Has All The Good Tips. 

Learning new skills doesn't need to be frustrating. 

I have some extra tips to help you master the split single crochet stitch. 

Transform your crochet fabric to new levels.

Extra Bonus: Measurement Guide to get the best fit. 

- Let's Explore Creating A Gorgeous Sweater Together -
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These crochet projects are NOT worked in tricky short rows.
Knit mimic stitches have become popular in crochet; however, many use tricky short rows, which take forever! It's hard to keep track of the short rows, and it's an advanced technique due to the difficulty to follow. These stitches are worked continuously in the round, taking out the tricky part!
Forget about live loop, held stitches, or dropping stitches.
Crochet’s biggest advantage is not holding stitches to work them later. No, thank you to a million stitch markers in a project. Dropping stitches should never be in a crocheter’s vocabulary. The bliss of not having this worry is amazing! So why add this to the table as a hybrid solution that brings more problems?

No Need For Twists and Crosses.

We’ve all seen designers attempt to mimic knit stitches. But when I tried to dive into it, I felt like I was doing crochet gymnastics. And I’m too old for vaulting, a balance beam, or flips. So I don’t enjoy doing that with my crochet hook, either. I was left confused and unhappy with the bulky results.....until now.

I wanted a simple solution, and I know you might be wondering how it’s done. So let me tell you what this course offers.

What does the VIP Experience Include?

Crochet Along Sweater Pattern + Video

You can make short sleeves too!

Ad-Free Printable PDF

Project Planner

Printable + Canva File

Stay Organized

Enchanted Poncho

Poncho Pattern + Video

Ad-Free Printable PDF

Measurement Guide

Know how to measure your body 

and understand ease.

Yarn Guide

Learn yarn fibers, drape, packaging, and substitutes.

It's no secret I love converting knit patterns into crochet. 

It's my passion to find new ways of inspiring you to create items in current trends. But most importantly, stress-free!

With this new crochet collection, I have done what I once thought was impossible and created an incredible knit mimic with easy crochet! 

Join me, and the techniques are easy to learn and less scary. 

Together, we can achieve our crafting goals. 


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Today's Sale Price = $29!

Wait! Fancy incredible crochet hat patterns?

The Crochet Hat Collection Includes:

Enchanted Crochet Hat |  Juniper Knit-Look Hat | Fair Isle Crochet Hat 

Pine Colorwork Hat | Knit-Purl Crochet Hat | Quilted Lattice Hat

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In case you were wondering...

  • Do I get unlimited access to the Course?
    Your time is YOUR time. I don't want you to feel rushed. You have unlimited access to the eBook through your Thrivecart profile.
  • How is the course delivered to me?
    After purchasing TheCreate Your Own style Course, you will be taken to the Thrivecart login where a username and password can be created. There will also be an email confirmation. If you have any questions email
  • Can I purchase just the patterns individually?
    Yes! When this CAL event is finished, all of these patterns are available for individual purchase through Ravelry, Etsy, and LoveCrafts. Some of them are also available on my blog with ads. The best deal, however is the course.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Purchase Worry-Free!
    I want you to be thrilled with learning new projects and feel great about it. But just in case, if you are not loving it or having fun, simply email me within 5 days of purchase and I'll refund your money.
  • Can I print the patterns in the course?
    Inside your profile, each pattern will be available to download and print as a pdf for each pattern. Printing from the blog's free version is not allowed.
  • Can I purchase this as a gift?
    We love fairy yarn godmothers! If you would like to purchase this course as a gift, have it sent to your email address and give it as a gift.

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  • Is there a place to ask questions?
    We don’t shut down after purchase like an in-person class. Because this is an online platform, you can ask away, and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.
    We also have the Briana K Community on Facebook as a great resource to connect with other crocheters in the course.