Are you ready to learn new knit-look crochet stitches?

4 Brand New Stitches & Patterns

+ Bonuses

Be patient with yourself.

The Holidays Are For Creating

Not Stressing

If you're finding it difficult to:

  • Ditch The Sticks | But still, get the knit look.

  • Keep Up | With in-person classes.

  • Organize | Projects and instructions. 

  • Create | Holiday decor that lasts a lifetime.

I will give you the tools and resources to help build your skills & holiday decor.

Let’s talk about the reality of our busy holiday schedules. 

If you want to take time to learn something fun and new, it can be hard to fit into the season. Most in-person courses require you to drive across town and block off time over a weekend, which is prime family time. 

And many live courses are only shown for a short time without a pause button. Forget grabbing that snack; you can't walk away from the screen. 

 With this online course, you learn magical knit-look stitches at your pace and on time without inconveniencing your schedule. And more time for eggnog!

Magical Stockings Course Overview

Video Tutorials

A video to learn each new stitch, plus all the important parts for the construction of the holiday stocking. 

Instructions + Charts

Extra Tips. Learning new skills doesn't need to be frustrating. I have some extra tips, and even a bonus project, to help you master the split single crochet stitch. Plus each pattern comes with written instructions and charts. 


Love to crochet with a community?  Me too! From showing off yarn choices to asking questions, the Briana K Community Group on Facebook is the place to be. Many of the crocheters already have experience with Magical Stitches.

On Your Time

UNLIMITED ACCESS.  Being creative should be in your control when you are ready. You can start this course today or in the future. Log in whenever you want with unlimited access.

What crocheters are saying about Magical Stitches...

Everything covered inside Your Course:

✓  Master the Split Single Crochet Stitch. Also known as the knit-look waistcoat stitch.

✓ Strategic & Intentional Increasing & Decreasing for stitch patterns.

✓  Afterthought Heel. Work this stocking from toe up with a ribbing top and afterthought heel. No seaming.

✓  Explore Knit-Look Lace Stitches. These may look knit, but these new lace stitches are all made with a crochet hook.

  Crochet Course on your time. Yes to pause and rewind. [$200.00 value]

  4 New Crochet Stitches with Charts. [$100.00 value]

  4 PDF Patterns for you to download. [$32.00 value]

  Make your own Leather Tab Video Tutorial. [$10.00 value]

  Bonus Gift Card Stocking & Knit Purl Stocking patterns. [$8.00 value]

  Bonus Prancing All The Way Blanket pattern. [$8.00 value]

Total Value = $358.00

Amazing Course Price = $39

Let's break down the goodies.

  • Module | 1 - Learn the Split Single Crochet
    Learn to create the split single crochet stitch (also known as the waistcoat stitch) with confidence. With a video tutorial and a tip for success, this stitch will become one of your favorites to use for knit-look crochet fabric.
  • Module | 2 - Gift Card Holder Pattern
    With a video tutorial, this quick project is a great way to practice using the split single crochet stitch. Great for giving gift cards with a personal touch. Plus, with extra holiday gift-giving inspiration.
  • Module | 3 - Full Size Knit-Purl Stocking Pattern
    The fabric for this full-size stocking project mimics the knit & purl stitches. A simple and elegant stocking with an embroidered tree. This is a classic holiday home decor piece your sure to love.
  • Module | 4 - Supplies, & How To Read The Charts
    All the essential notes, and links to supplies, to get you started off right. And with the introduction to a new chart style, a video tutorial on how to use them.

  • Module | 5 - How To Crochet The Stocking Toe
    Jump right in and make the toe of your stocking, or all the stockings at once. Includes a video tutorial.

  • Module | 6 - Mistletoe Stocking & Stitch
    Step right into a crochet fabric that has eyelets and mimics knit lace. Using this new stitch, first work the stocking foot, split for the heel and then work the leg. Includes a video tutorial.
  • Module | 7 - Frosty Stocking & Stitch
    This playful stitch uses unique eyelets and increases to create an irresistible fabric. This stocking looks great in any color. Includes a video tutorial.
  • Module | 8 - Jingle Bells Stocking & Stitch
    The swirls and lean of this stitch are gorgeous. The first variation was seen in the Magical Stitches Course, and in this pattern, we use easy puff stitches intentionally placed for extra texture. Includes a video tutorial.
  • Module | 9 - Sugar Plum Stocking & Stitch
    While we aren't crossing stitches or doing anything tricky, this fabric has a swirling cable look with eyelets for an heirloom look. Includes a video tutorial.
  • Module | 10 - Stocking Cuff
    Create a knit-look ribbed cuff. You can choose to do a foldover cuff or a shorter one. Includes a video tutorial.
  • Module | 11 - Stocking Heel
    It's time to finish the heel in the round without any seaming. Includes a video tutorial.
  • Module | 12 - Finishing And Leather Tab Tutorial
    Let's chat about blocking and displaying those pretty stockings. Plus a bonus tutorial on how to make your own leather tabs. Includes a video tutorial.
  • Module | 13 - Prancing Reindeer Crochet Blanket Bonus
    Who doesn't love beautiful crochet colorwork? This new crochet blanket pattern includes written instructions and an interactive crochet chart available only with this course.

Ever since I started designing in 2014 I've loved the holiday season the most. Creating home decor and holiday vibes is what makes my designer heart happy. And I want to help bring that to your home.

While my happy place here in Florida doesn't have snow, I like to get ready for Santa by pouring a cup of eggnog and creating stockings. Not only is it fun to make gorgeous stockings, but it's also fun to fill them with trinkets for my family. Seeing them lined up over the fireplace brings so much joy to a home.

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  • How long will the course be available?
    Your time is YOUR time. You have unlimited access to the course. Feel free to start when it's convenient for you and work at your own pace.
  • Can I purchase only one of the patterns?
    The patterns will not be available for individual sale during the course launch. After the course ends, they will be available for $8 each. So purchasing the course is the maximum value.
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  • Can I print the patterns in the course?
    Each pattern will be inside the lesson modules and will also be available as a pdf download for you to print for personal use.
  • I'm new to crochet, is this course for me?
    Everyone learns at a different pace, but with written and video instruction it’s easy for most levels of crocheters to follow along. And with unlimited access, you can jump on this deal now and revisit it when you feel ready.

    There is also support offered along the way. Plus, we have a fantastic group of crocheters in the Briana K Community Group.
  • What if I have a question?
    No need to worry about kissing a frog before a deadline. We don’t shut down the course like an in-person class. Because this is online, you can ask away, and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.
    We also have the Briana K Community on Facebook as a great resource to connect with other crocheters in the course.